Short bus status 2/15/07 D60 crossover arm

Hydro assist ram

Leafspring bushings (enough for all 4 springs + rear shackles)

Hydroassist steering box end cap

33" Brake hoses for d60

14bolt disc brake brackets

Chassis, about 1/6 wire wheeled & painted. looks better than I was expecting

Whole chassis, old rear stuff still on

Front clip

Doors & hood

6.2 diesel engine

th350 trans + np203 tcase. Needs tranny pan + dipstick

D60 front axle, 14bolt rear axle

1ton spring brackets (4x for rear suspension), front brackets removed for 56" spring swap

1 of 4 56" springs. Only one cleaned up and painted so far. zero rate will go on whichever end needs it


Steering links (hope they fit, don't know yet) and various body mounts

Shelf o' parts. Old shocks (2 reusable), driveshafts, discs/calipers for 14 bolt brake conversion, 2wd steering box

Shelf o' electrical parts. gauge pod w/ gauges, fuse block, all wiring. also a lot of random and spare parts visible =)

Steering column

Custom dash framework from old short bus, will reuse

Shifter for th350, may reuse