Here we go with the pictures. These were all taken with my mother-in-law-to-be's camera, by someone else... she dropped it on the floor after the first picture.

Me making a speech/toast to the groom and bride. It was the afterglow breakfast from her sister's wedding. They said it was ok to do this, I checked first. Proposing at someone elses wedding would usually be a social faux-pas.

Then I turned around mid speech, with some kind of witty transition into my proposal speech. Dropped to my knee, said "will you marry me". She actually said "Are you joking?". Guess I've been doing a good job of convincing her I was never getting married to no one, no how... Did a good job of convincing myself too!

Roll through these a little quicker now. Me trying to get her to give me her left hand to put the ring on. Shes left handed, so of course thats the hand she kept wiping her eyes with and brushing hair back and all that crap. Seemed like it was forever before she let me put that on. Wasn't easy either, little ring, little finger, and both of us shaking =)

I got myself in deep shit the day before so I could be alone to go buy the ring. Something along the lines of 'honey you're tired and cranky, go home and go to bed'. This was about the point she realized why I had done it.

Mother-in-law-to-be turned PURPLE when I got on my knee and pulled the ring box out of my pocket

Obligatory try and squint to see the little tiny diamond shot. I'm smack dab in the middle of an $8000 move, I wasn't able to drop huge coin on some bling for her finger. She doesn't seem to mind.

Little closer up on the ring. 1/5 carat, princess cut, 14K white gold. Far from blingy, but it suits her tiny little fingers well. Diamond is SUPER clear. no yellow at all when I had it under the jeweler's scope.

That's the highlights, there are of course 50 million pictures of her with each sister, her with her sister that just got married and both their rings, each of us with each of her family, various group photos, the list goes on and on. I picked out the better stuff for you guys =)