Arrival - 04-18-04

So I bought this thing for a song & a dance, it "almost" started. OK, so it's a little rough...


Started gutting the interior

Closeup of the minor rust on the floor, and the big access hole. Notice the lack of a transmission at this point.

Lots of crap in the back of the truck


In an attempt to purdy up an ugly truck, I primered the fenders, painted the hood yellow, and generally cleaned things up a bit.

Interior is pretty much gutted but still full of crap.

Theres the missing transmission, and the soon-to-be rebuilt transfer case. I waited 4-5 weeks for parts for this thing.

And the temporary work bench I built to do the carb rebuild. This has turned into a permanent workbench.


Recycling at it's best, These are the seats from my 89 S-blazer.

It may not drive, but I'm always thinking of safety (*cough*) so I got a lapbelt for it.

Bad lighting, but you can see how much room is in between the seats. I'm thinking Igloo brand console/cupholder.


It aint pretty, but it'll get'r'done when I can get'r'started.

Cleaned up the floors some, couple hours with a wirewheel and some black spraypaint.

Closeup of my AngleIronEngineering(tm) modified stock seat brackets. The S10 seats are significantly narrower.

Got rid of most of the crap in the back now.

Purdy Floor.

GM fit & finish at it's finest. Self-Clearanced fender for the crooked passenger door.

Drivers side fender doesn't fit too well either. Almost every spotweld holding the inner fender structure to the fender skin is gone.

Now thats panel alignment any bodyshop owner would kill himself over.


All the changes have been to the drivetrain so there isn't much to show, but it's been started now! Heres the only Interior change lately, the CB radio installed. I also cleaned up all the hacked in radio wiring, and will be redoing this from scratch.


It started *and drove* today. only 10ft back and forth on the driveway, but thats further than its driven in 3 years!
Video of the truck moving under its own power!


New rear axle


City decided this was an "eyesore", and under threat of citation, I quickly threw together the front axle without half the components, borrowed some rollers, and pushed it into the backyard.


New 2wd steering box, the beginnings of crossover. Amazing how shiny it looks.


Just some feel good front axle detail shots.


Eyesore this! The start of the yellow. Painted with cans, in the backyard, half at night.




The important stripe. Without this its not the Short Bus, its just yellow.


Hey look. Its "safe appearing" so that it can go on the boat to Hawaii. I pity the fool who has to load this thing.


Getting more stuff done in preperation for the Hawaii trip, and so that I can have a little fun with it (look down the page, you'll understand). Square tube front driveshaft, and shock mounts on the rear axle.


Remember I told you I did the driveshaft so I could have some fun? Heres the fun!


You gotta pay to play. This is the damage that was done due to my rookie driving in the rock garden.



And the first thing I do in hawaii, dent the truck more. I'm not used to trees jumping in my way!


Been beating on the truck in the woods, tore up the bumper pretty bad. Removed the hood to make the next round of modifications easier. New wires and new dash. Here it is minus the hood/windshield, and without the dash.


And the new dash. Obviously not complete, and probably never will be!


I have a couple junk cars I play on a lot. Use them for flexing the truck out, and various other irresponsible activities.


New dash, installed in the truck, all wired up, looking pretty except theres no dash face yet.


More screwing around on the cars. I came, I saw, I conquered. 31 a/t's, open in the back, lsd up front, pretty small truck to get up there really, took a while, took a LOT of throttle. Oh, and I'm a retard and get a little excited when I accomplish stupid things, thus the posing.


The Maiden Voyage! ok, not really, but its the first official trail run the Short Bus has gone on. Performmed flawlessly, of course, I welded the rear diff the day before, so that helped. Also added a back seat so I can take my cronies along to do stupid things. These are about the only pictures I didn't take myself, I know some of them suck, I'm posting them anyway!

5-29-06 -- again

More from the same trip.

9/5/06 -- rear bumper

Replaced the tore up bumper in true rigged cheap fashion.

11/24/06 -- stripping the truck

Decided to go a whole new direction with the truck -- a Trazer. Using the shortbus frame, tranns, tcase and drivelines, plus a pickup cab, new axles and 6.2 diesel motor, it will be a whole new truck!

11/25/06 -- no more body damage

Because theres no more body! less than 5 hours total from running truck to rolling chassis.

More to come in the future, as the truck gets bigger, I get stupider, and the pictures get more entertaining.